Military powers show their muscles because of the coronavirus epidemic

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The current coronavirus pandemic which now affects the whole planet does not seem to stop the affairs of the world. On the contrary, one could even argue that the current health crisis is accelerating a number of political and diplomatic crises so far dormant. While global economic activity is slowing down and the price of oil has never been lower since the early 2000s, some countries see it as an opportunity to settle some disputes with their neighbors. Still others seek to remind the world that they remain on their guard through reinsurance measures. All, finally, seek to affirm that their power is intact, including through military exercises and maneuvers.

On all continents, it is now the same pattern that has been displayed for a few weeks. Whileeconomic crisis looming following Covid-19 epidemic, some state actors and terrorist groups are trying to seize their opportunity and see how the situation could evolve in their favor. Conversely, the major military and diplomatic powers, particularly in the West, seek to reassure their populations and their allies about the maintenance of their military capabilities, while reminding their adversaries of the limits not to be exceeded.

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