Initial Operating Capability declared for the two first P-8 Poseidon aircrafts of the Royal Air Force

Ten years ago, the British Nimrod MRA4 maritime patrol aircraft program was canceled, and the last Nimrod MR2s retired in 2011. Since then, the Royal Air Force had no maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) capability, ironic for an island state with a SSBN nuclear submarines to protect.

Since the 1e April however, things start to change in the UK. Indeed, the first two Poseidon MRA1s delivered last February have just declared their initial operational capacity (IOC). If the new patrol planes are not yet able to carry out real operational missions, the IOC should allow the crews to improve their skills. Indeed, after a decade without a maritime patrol, the Royal Air Force must now relearn how to carry out anti-submarine warfare, reconnaissance and maritime strike missions.

P8 RAF Defense News | Maritime Patrol Aviation | United Kingdom
The Royal Air Force has already received two Poseidons. Two other devices are being tested in the USA and should be delivered in the coming months.

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