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Affected by Covid-19, the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle returns to Toulon

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It was probably only a matter of time before such an announcement was made. The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is currently heading to Toulon, prematurely interrupting its mission following a probable coronavirus outbreak on board the ship. Around forty suspected cases have been detected so far. Although no patient has yet developed serious symptoms, the situation is sufficiently alarming to justify a return to port.

However, this new epidemic focus in the heart of the flagship of the French fleet is not without raising very serious questions. First of all: how could such late contamination have occurred, when the country has been affected by the coronavirus for several weeks?

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The Charles de Gaulle's return to port should only deprive it of two weeks at sea. However, we can wonder about the measures that were taken (or were not taken) to protect the crew once that the Covid-19 epidemic had already become widespread in France during his stopover in Brest.

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Fabrice Wolf
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