Iran unveils two new radars designed to detect cruise missiles and stealth aircraft

The Iranian army unveiled last Sunday two new models of three-dimensional phase control radars whose performance would be compatible with the detection of stealth planes, drones, but also cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.

As often, the "new" radars unveiled by Tehran are not as technologically revolutionary as they would like to believe. However, they demonstrate a certain maturity of Iranian R&D, but also of its ambitions at the strategic level.

The first model unveiled is a very long-range strategic radar designated Khalij-e Fars. With a range of 800km, this phased-array three-dimensional radar is primarily intended for early warning. Located in the province of Hormozgan, facing the United Arab Emirates, it should make it possible to monitor air movements around the Strait of Hormuz. While official communications talk about advanced technologies and AESA radar, the photographs of the Khalij-e Fars show a relatively conventional three-dimensional over the horizon phased-array radar.

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Iranian over the horizon radars are installed at high altitude to avoid as much as possible atmospheric interference which disrupts the functioning of this type of radars.

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