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With Agility Prime, the US Air Force wants to become a major player in the field of “Flying Cars”

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From April 27 to May 1 , the USAF will organize an event – ​​virtual, due to the coronavirus epidemic – “Agility Prime”, named after an innovative Air Force program aimed at acquiring “flying cars” and supporting American manufacturers who wish to invest in this sector of activity.

Behind the Agility Prime program there are actually many innovations. Beyond the technical aspects linked to completely new types of aircraft, the ambitions of the USAF are clearly industrial, and aim to develop a center of excellence on American soil for the future market of flying cars, both in both the civil and military domains.

Flying car: a dream come true?

The term "Flying Car" attached to the Agility Prime program nostalgically evokes the science fiction films of the 1980s which imagined that families of the 2000s would have a car in their garage capable of miraculously thwarting the laws of attraction. However, the idea behind the "flying car" is not strictly speaking to make a car fly, in other words a personal four-wheeled vehicle, but simply to have a civil aircraft capable of making door-to-door trips. wore. No need to travel by road to an airport or heliport: journeys are made directly from home with a single flying vehicle, or combining road travel and flight capacity.

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Moller's Skycar sold dreams for years, but ended in a gigantic technical failure. The first flying Jeep concepts date back to the 1940s, but until now this type of vehicle has only succeeded in combining the disadvantages of cars and aircraft rather than their advantages.

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
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