As expected, the F35 strikes back in Germany to replace the Tornado

Earlier this week, the German authorities confirmed that they wanted to acquire 60 combat aircraft Typhoon as well as 30 F/A 18 E/F Super Hornets and 15 EA 18 G Growlers to replace the Tornado of the Luftwaffe ensuring the missions of attack, electronic warfare and suppression of defenses, as well as nuclear strike missions within the framework of NATO. Insofar as Berlin does not envisage giving up its role or the status which ensues from it within NATO concerning nuclear deterrence, and this despite the consequent limits of the exercise from an operational point of view, its decision and the distribution between German and American aircraft was self-evident.

In February 2019, Berlin announced that it would only select two aircraft for its call for tenders, namely the Typhoon of Airbus DS and the F18 of Boeing, effectively eliminating the F35A of Lockheed although favorites of the Luftwaffe and NATO. In this case, it was above all political and industrial pressure from Airbus, but also the strong reservations from Paris against the F35, which sealed the fate of the Lockheed plane. In German and French aeronautical industrial circles, the F35 is in fact perceived as a device designed above all to bring the European military aeronautical industry to its knees, as well as as an existential threat against the Franco-German FCAS program of 6th generation combat aircraft. Whether the arguments presented are true or not matters little from now on, nor the actual or assumed performance of the F35, since the German decision is made today.

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The EA18 G Growler is the only electronic warfare fighter in service in the West with the Luftwaffe Tornado ECR

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