US Navy to split FFG / X frigate program

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Is this linked to the effects of the Covid19 crisis on the defense industry? Anyway, the US Navy announced that she was going divide the FFG / X program into two sub-programs of 10 ships. The winner of the current competition between 4 industrial groups will be awarded the construction of 10 ships, while a new competition will immediately be launched for the construction of 10 frigates of a different class.

This approach will make it possible to quickly distribute the workload between American shipyards and their subcontractors, many of which are severely affected by the consequences of the health and economic crisis linked to Covid19. It will also speed up the delivery schedule, while the Department of Defense insists on concentrating the efforts of the US Navy in order toincrease the number of ships in line by 2030. On the other hand, nothing indicates for the moment that the number of frigates will exceed 20 units, especially as in the report presented by the DoD and supported by Mark Esper, the United States Secretary of Defense, emphasizes the entry into service of robotic or short-crewed naval units.

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Fincantieri's proposal for the FFG / X program differs from the model in service in the Italian Navy.

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