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Saab tests a new type of AESA radar on its Gripen, and targets the international market

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On April 24, the Swedish company Saab announced that it had flown its new AESA radar for the first time aboard a JAS-39D Gripen. This radar, whose designation has not yet been revealed, would integrate modules designed from gallium nitride (GaN), a particularly efficient semiconductor but which still remains rare on radar antennas of this size.

With these first flight tests, Saab shows its dynamism in the field of AESA GaN radars, but also its desire to continue to bring its old generation Gripen to life on the export market. Indeed, contrary to what one might believe, the radar which was flight tested on April 8 will not be integrated into the new Gripen E that Saab is presenting on most export markets . This is a new model that Saab would like to offer in numerous variants intended for the export market, in the air, naval or land sectors.

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With its new radar, Saab is mainly targeting the export market, whether for the modernization of existing Gripen or for future purchases of Gripen C and D

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