Thursday, November 30, 2023

Despite the health and economic crisis, China will increase its defense budget by 6.6% in 2020

Some figures alone say more than several dozen pages of analyses. This is the case for the growth of the Chinese Defense budget for 2020, which will amount to 6.6% despite the economic and health crisis which is hitting, and will continue to hit, the world in the months, and may -be the years to come. The information was publicly presented at the annual session of the Chinese National Party Congress.

This growth, to say the least, is however presented by Chinese communication as a decline, in this case a drop in the annual growth of the defense effort, which has grown on average by 10.5% per year over the last 10 years, and which grew by another 7.5% in 2020. This is, according to the analysis published by the state site , to guarantee the sustainability of the programs launched in recent years, and therefore to respect the he effect of transformation and modernization of the People's Liberation Army and the Chinese Defense Industry undertaken since the early 2000s, and accelerated since 2012 and the accession to power of President Xi Jinping.

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In two decades, China has made up almost all of its technological gap, in particular by increasing the number of weapons programs developed in parallel for the Chinese forces and for export, such as the FC-31 stealth combat aircraft.

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
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