Could the Libyan civil war redefine modern air combat? Part 2/2

This article is the second part of a reflection started in a previous article available here.

In recent months, the Libyan civil war has intensified on several fronts, including the conduct of air and anti-aircraft operations. In the LNA camp as in that of the GNA, the mini-drones were gradually supplemented by tactical drones, then by armed MALE drones.

In the first part of this article, published yesterday, we explained how the use of armed drones to carry out targeted strikes led each camp to acquire modern anti-aircraft systems. The latter, which are particularly expensive, have in turn been targeted, thereby confirming the potential of light and median drones in the context of saturating attacks on modern defense systems.

Bayraktar TB2 Runway Defense Analysis | Fighter jets | Syrian conflict
In Libya as in Syria, the Turkish Bayraktar drones have been shown to be formidable against modern and effective medium-range anti-aircraft systems like the Pantsir-S1

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