Despite diplomatic disagreements, Russia and Turkey could cooperate on the TF-X fighter plane

Just a month ago, we gave you news about the new generation fighter jet program in turkey, the TF-X. Initially designed to allow the Turkish aeronautical industry to exploit within a national program the different technology transfers obtained from various Western suppliers, the project around the TF-X has been radically overhauled in recent months.

Indeed, Turkey's regional ambitions on the military level, notably in Syria and Libya, have gradually isolated Ankara from some of its main European supporters. Washington also terminated the contract to acquire F-35 stealth fighters following the delivery of anti-aircraft defense systems S-400 of Russian origin. And, at the same time, Turkish troops and their allies find themselves directly opposed to mercenaries and militiamen supported by Moscow both in Syria and in Libya! Despite this apparent isolation, Ankara has however recently been offered major technical assistance from Moscow, with Russia seeking to replace the United States and the United Kingdom for the supply of various critical elements of the future TF fighter. X.

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The silhouette of the TF-X evokes that of the F-22, although the aircraft will probably be lighter than an F-35. Designed for air superiority, it should however have a maximum speed and an operational ceiling higher than what is found on the F-35.

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