With a new sale in Morocco, the Boeing AH-64 Apache confirms its status as a world best seller

The case had been going on for almost a year already. In 2019, following the purchase of new F-16s, the Kingdom of Morocco had announced its intention to acquire AH-64 Apache combat helicopters from the American Boeing. Since the failure of the sale of Rafale French in 2006, and despite the acquisition of a French FREMM frigate, Rabat now seems resolutely turned towards cooperation with the United States in defense and arms procurement. Last November, Washington logically authorized the sale of 36 Apache helicopters via the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) procedure, which guarantees low prices and fast deliveries. Only remained in Morocco to confirm their purchase and sign the contract, what is now done.

In 2024, at the time of the first deliveries, Morocco will become the 17the user of the Apache helicopter. Entering service in 1986, and continuously updated since, the AH-64 Apache is a heavy combat helicopter known to be expensive and complex to operate. However, this aircraft marketed by Boeing continues to chain contracts with new customers like historical customers, while interesting always more prospects. It must be said that the latest variants of the Apache offer truly unprecedented operational capabilities.

AH 64TH APACHE GUARDIAN Defense News | Conflict in Mali | Construction of Military Helicopters
The AH-64E Apache Guardian is the latest variant of the famous Apache. It has a Longbow radar above the radar, a cell adapted to the marine environment and the ability to operate drones from a distance

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