South Korea: additional Falcon 2000s and Boeing 737s to boost electronic surveillance capabilities

In recent days, the South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has approved the purchase of additional surveillance aircraft from foreign suppliers, for a total of about $ XNUMX billion. Even if the type of aircraft was not specified, the acquisition plan would logically relate to the purchase of two additional Boeing 737 Peace Eyes, as well as four Falcon 2000S produced by Frenchman Dassault Aviation.

The South Korean Air Force (ROKAF) is already operating four Boeing 737 Peace Eye and two Falcon 2000S in "Baekdu" configuration, which should facilitate the entry into service of the six new planes scheduled to be delivered by 2027. Far from being trivial, these new purchases should allow ROKAF to ensure surveillance permanent airspace and border with North Korea with modernized electronic means. Better yet, an increase in the fleet of electronic reconnaissance aircraft is expected to enhance the capabilities that can be implemented by ROKAF against China, which is increasing every year. his military activity in the Yellow Sea.

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ROKAF already operates four Boeing 737 Peace Eye aircraft. The two new planes will be equipped with a more powerful radar and modernized avionics, and should be very close to the examples ordered by the Royal Air Force.

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