Australia: Airbus Helicopters and Bell want to place their helicopters with special forces

Royal Australian Navy Bell 429 H135 Defense News | Australia | Construction of Military Helicopters

Two years ago, Australia issued a request for information from the main Western helicopter manufacturers . As part of "Project Land 2097 Phase 4", the Australian armed forces plan to purchase at least sixteen helicopters of the "4 ton class" in order to support the country's special forces, both for anti-terrorist operations in Australia only for external operations.

While a call for tenders was initially planned for the end of 2019, candidates ultimately have until July 11, 2020 to submit their proposals. And, for the moment, only two manufacturers have announced their intention to compete in this very specific market: Bell and Airbus Helicopters. But other manufacturers could well be lying in wait. For the moment, the broad outline of the call for tenders seems to favor Airbus Helicopters' H145M and the Bell 429, but leaves enough room for new entrants.

Babcock Bell 429 Defense News | Australia | Construction of Military Helicopters
Babcock will present an offer based around the Bell 429. The aircraft has also been selected as the basis for Hawker Pacific's offer, and NorthStar Aviation could potentially be a candidate with the Bell 407

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