Faced with Turkish interference in Libya, Egypt could once again buy heavy weapons in France

While diplomatic and trade relations between France and Egypt are at their worst since January 2019, it seems that Turkey's actions in Libya and the Mediterranean have finally brought Cairo and Paris closer, annoyed by Ankara's interference in the region. In any case, this is what Michel Cabirol, from the newspaper "La Tribune", always well informed on this matter.

From 2013, France quickly became one of the main arms suppliers to Egypt. In a few years, Paris sold to Cairo two Mistral type helicopter carriers, a FREMM frigate, four Gowind corvettes (including three manufactured on site) as well as twenty-four combat aircraft Rafale, all with options for two corvettes and twelve Rafale additional.

2019: the divorce between France and Egypt

But, for nearly two years, relations between France and Egypt have been at their worst and arms sales, essential to the French defense industry, have been suddenly stopped. Two reasons are regularly mentioned to explain the Egyptian turnaround:

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After purchasing a French FREMM initially intended for the French Navy, Egypt placed an order for two FREMMs built for the Marina Militare. If these two ships should be delivered to Egypt, Cairo could well call again on the French Naval Group for its future combat vessels.

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