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With the KRAKEN, Turgis & Gaillard offers a revolutionary boat for special forces

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Four days ago, meetings for defense innovation were organized in Morbihan, under the leadership of Deputy Jean-Michel Jacques, vice-president of the Defense Commission. The opportunity for the Turgis & Gaillard group to present the KRAKEN , an assault boat for special forces equipped with a new concept called “variable buoyancy”.

The Turgis & Gaillard group

The Turgis & Gaillard group was founded in 2011 and already has nearly 250 employees located throughout France, particularly in Morbihan through the Navale et Industrie Lorientaise site. In just a few years, the group has been able to develop in all defense sectors, whether in operational maintenance, maintenance of industrial sites or even the supply of equipment. Today, Turgis & Gaillard is established in India and is also innovating in the civil industry, with its SunWave solar ships .

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The innovations introduced on the KRAKEN come largely from R&D carried out in the SunWave branch of the Turgis & Gaillard group. SunWave already delivers electro-solar ships, and is innovating enormously in terms of naval architecture.

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
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