Has China declared the rare earth war?

Relations between Washington and Beijing have continued to deteriorate in recent years, whethercommercial and technological confrontation having opposed the two superpowers in 2018 and 2019, the tensions around the island of Taiwan, or Chinese claims in the China Sea. All of these latent oppositions now seem to be crystallizing into a direct opposition between the two countries, and provocations and retaliatory measures are increasing on both sides of the Pacific.

Two subjects focus most of the tensions today. Firstly, the massive support given by the United States to Taiwan, with the sale and modernization, in recent months, ofF16 combat aircraft, Abrams M1 tanks or Patriot PAC-3 missiles. It must be said that, for its part, Beijing has increased air and naval maneuvers around the independent island since 1948, of which Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, swore reintegration into the People's Republic of China under his mandate. The United States, for its part, has intensified and strengthened demonstrations of force in the China Sea, in order to signal to Beijing that Washington did not grant any legitimacy to the annexation of this sea by China to the detriment of its Indonesian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Vietnamese neighbors.

One of the Chinese artificial bases in the Paracel Islands in the China Sea Analyzes Défense | Defense industrial subcontracting chain | Force Deployment - Reinsurance
China has deployed artificial military bases on the islands of the Paracels to justify its territorial base

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