China responds to American "provocations" in the China Sea

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While the US Navy continued to conduct exercises in and around the China Sea, the People's Liberation Army responded by conducting naval firing exercises in the same area, as well as by deploying combat aircraft to the artificial bases built on the islands and reefs of the Paracelles. If, for now, the two armed forces avoid each other and manage to avoid escalation, the confrontation between Beijing and Washington continues to intensify in this area, which has become one of the geostrategic hot spots of the planet.

In response to the exercises carried out in the China Sea by the carrier strike groups of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and the USS Ronald Reagan, the Chinese authorities have announced that they have carried out ammunition fire exercises in the China Sea, in particular via JH-7 attack aircraft. And to threaten a deployment of combat planes on the artificial islands built to “defend the entire territory” of the People's Republic of China, in particular in the Paracelle Islands. However, it seems that Beijing has decided to combine deeds with words, since satellite photos showed that, this weekend, the Flanker family fighter jets had been deployed to the Yongxing base in the Xisha Islands.

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The J-11B has a long range (1500 km), a large carrying capacity and modern on-board electronics, making it an equivalent device to the American F15 C Eagle.

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