Iran to negotiate acquisition of S400, Tor M2 and Pantsir S2 anti-aircraft systems from Russia

Is Donald Trump's foreign policy turning against him? This is what one might think as the US proposal to extend the embargo on the sale of arms to Iran was rejected by the overwhelming majority of the United Nations Security Council last week, including understood by the French and British allies. Remember that this embargo was linked to continuation of Tehran's military nuclear program, as well as the Vienna agreements, of which the United States withdrew unilaterally in 2018 on President Trump's decision. In fact, Iran will be able to acquire weapons systems from October 18 of this year, barring an exceptional and unlikely turnaround, linked to Washington's use of the “snapback” procedure, a form of reverse veto right, prohibiting going out of a decision.

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Besides the S400 and Pantsir S2, Tehran is also interested in the short-range anti-aircraft system Tor M2, which has been shown to be very effective, according to Moscow, in Syria in The Defense of the Hmeimim air base

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