Rolls-Royce invests in the development of hypersonic engines

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The race to develop an engine capable of propelling an aircraft from its takeoff run to hypersonic speed is well and truly underway, and Britain's Rolls-Royce clearly intends not to be left behind. The veteran of aircraft engine design is at the origin of certain legendary engines such as the Merlin which equipped the Spitfires and Mosquitos during the Second World War, the RB.41 Nene which was one of the first reliable turbojets used on the De Havilland Vampire and the F9F Panther, and whose licensed versions powered the French Ouragan and Mystère IV, but also the Soviet Mig 15 and Mig17, up to the EJ200 turbojet which equips the Eurofighter.

EJ200 Picture1
Rolls-Royce EJ200 turbojet powers Eurofighter Typhoon

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