Donald Trump accuses the Pentagon of waging wars “for the profit of arms companies”

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How far will American President Donald Trump go to try to catch up in the polls ahead of the presidential election on November 3, 2020? We can reasonably ask the question, in view of the latest statements made by the tenant of the White House, visibly ready to do anything to glean new avenues with no other vision than the elections themselves. So, after playing the conservative white America card by not hesitating to flirt with openly racist positions, he is now directly attacking the general officers of the Pentagon, accusing them of suborning big businesses . of US Defense , and to wage wars for the sole benefit of them.

Donald Trump accuses the Pentagon of waging wars “for the profit of arms companies” 5

Donald Trump thus intends to respond to the growing controversy concerning him following the publication of an article by the daily "The Atlantic" revealing that the American president had on several occasions declared that American soldiers who died in combat, or taken prisoner, were in made "Losers" and calling them "Suckers" (it's up to you to find the translation that best suits this insult), creating a vast movement of indignation on the part of the American military. In fact, lost for lost, Donald Trump is trying to surf on all the followers of the theory of the military-industrial complex, and who refer to the warning of President Eisenhower during his last speech as president.

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Trump tried to seduce the Defense community during his 2015 campaign. In 2020, he seems to be playing the opposition to it, or at least to its “elites”.

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