The US Air Force announces that it has secretly built a demonstrator of its future combat aircraft

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For an exceptional ad, it's an exceptional ad! Indeed, Will roper, who has been leading the US Air Force's acquisition programs for 2 years, today announced that the USAF had, in great secrecy, builds and flies a demonstrator of its new next-generation combat aircraft program, the Next Generation Air Dominance, intended to replace the F15C and, ultimately, the F22 raptor which ensures the supremacy of the skies to American forces. Not only does the announcement take everyone in the global aviation industry by surprise, but the way in which this prototype has been designed could well send all manufacturers back to their homes. Indeed, according to Mr. Roper, the demonstrator was designed and manufactured in just one year, based on paradigms and approaches from modern digital engineering.

On the other hand, no characteristic concerning the device has been communicated, no more than a description of its performance, or even a simple visual aid. According to Will Roper, this is of no interest at the moment, because the main axis of communication is based on the method used, and not on the result. However, he adds that on the existing basis, once the necessary volume of aircraft has been defined, it will be possible to start building new aircraft within “fairly short” deadlines according to him. In addition, he took the precaution of insisting that the NGAD program had nothing in common with the eT-7 program, and that it was indeed a real new fighter aircraft. generation.

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Will Roper, who heads the new US Air Force programs, wants to infuse a new industrial approach to design and manufacture more specialized combat aircraft in smaller series

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