The Rafale Indians must worry China a lot...

From the arrival at the Ambala air base of the first 5 combat aircraft Rafale out of the 36 ordered by India from France, the Chinese press has constantly presented the device as being incapable of confronting the Chinese J-20, in an approach and with arguments that are hardly credible, based on the "generation gap" between the two aircraft. But obviously, the subject is becoming the obsession of military communicators in Beijing, who have gone so far as to organize a "show of force" of its new device to "highlight" its superiority over the new aircraft of the 'Indian Air Force.

Indeed, according to the English language state site, the air forces of the People's Liberation Army organized an exercise allowing a new generation aircraft of the Wang Hai Air Group to simultaneously confront a "large number" of previous generation aircraft, displaying a "clear" score of 17 aerial victories without any defeat. And to mark the spirits, it is specified that the pilot of the new generation aircraft was a “young pilot” who had only around a hundred hours of flight time on this model. As the Wang Hai Air Group switched to J-20 last year, there is naturally no doubt about the designation of the aircraft model concerned. For the Chinese press, this exercise demonstrates without the slightest doubt that the J-20 is a much superior aircraft Rafale, since the Indian plane is also an aircraft of a generation prior to that of the J20, and it is therefore impossible for it to “keep up” with the Chinese technological marvel, whatever the Indians themselves say, who naturally argue the opposite.

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The Chinese J20 has never been confronted with Western aircraft during exercises. The sixty devices built remain concentrated on Chinese soil, and very rarely venture beyond the country's land territory, probably for fear of losing a device or revealing too much about it. Rafale

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