Will the United Kingdom sacrifice its defense on the altar of Covid19?

Since the end of the Second World War, Great Britain had, along with France, the most experienced and efficient armies in Western Europe, drawing on a century-old military tradition and an efficient and innovative defense industry which will have given birth to many equipment and techniques which are still used by armed forces around the world. But today, facing thethe Covid19 crisis that is hitting the UK hard, this powerful component of Western Defense is likely to see many of its capabilities eroded, on the altar of budgetary savings.

Indeed, within the framework of the current Strategic Review, supposed to define the axes of evolution of the British armies for the years to come in the present and future security and geopolitical context, the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to make several clear cuts in the operational capacities of its forces , in order to free up credits that it deems more useful for other areas. And if nothing has been done yet, many serious avenues have already been left to the public, as well. only to disillusioned staffs.

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The number of Royal Navy Type 26 heavy frigates could be reduced from 8 to just 3, bringing the British surface fleet to 14 1st tier units. For the first time in more than 300 years, the British Navy would no longer be the largest in Europe, behind Italy (17 units) and France (15 units)

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