5 of the 6 American Chiefs of Staff in quarantine due to Covid-19

Most of the chiefs of staff of the US armed forces are now in quarantine, after the chief of staff of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Charles Ray, was diagnosed positive for the Covid19 coronavirus early week. The latter had indeed felt mild symptoms during the weekend, justifying the test. All the general officers who have worked with Admiral Ray in recent days, i.e. 5 of the 6 Chiefs of Staff, the Shepherd General of the US Marines Corps being the only exception, are therefore in quarantine since last night, creating a completely new situation at the Pentagon.

According to the Pentagon spokesperson, the Chiefs of Staff concerned remain able to meet operational needs, and have naturally been tested to detect possible cases of contamination. Other tests are underway, in particular to determine whether contamination clusters have emerged following this first case. In any case, according to the American military authorities, this unfortunate episode has, at least for the moment, no impact on the conduct of operations around the world.

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USS Theodore Roosevelt in Guam harbor as epidemic spread aboard

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