Turkish drones to receive satellite link and attract customers

With Israeli stray ammunition, Israeli drones such as Bayraktar's now famous TB2 have undoubtedly proved very effective during the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, during which they participated in the elimination of a large part. armor and Armenian fortifications, despite the presence of anti-aircraft means such as SA-8 batteries of Soviet origin. These successes only make confirm those already registered in Libya and Syria, theaters in which they would have notably obtained significant successes against modern anti-aircraft systems such as the Russian-made Pantsir S1, yet designed to fight against this type of threat. An unconfirmed report even mentions the destruction of an Armenian TOR M1 system last week, which was deemed to be very effective against drones.

Economical to build, the Turkish TB2s are available in large numbers, and offer performance certainly inferior to those of the American Reapers or Chinese Sharp Sword, but obviously sufficient to carry out numerous operations ranging from intelligence to the conduct of military strikes. artillery, and can even use Turkish-made MAM-L and MAM-C guided Air-Ground weapons. However, the TB2 suffered from a serious shortcoming, the need to maintain a direct line of sight or relayed between the control center which directs the drone, and the drone itself, this significantly limiting the possibilities of use of the drone. 'apparatus.

MAL L smart micro ammunition Defense news | Conflict in Libya | Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
The TB2 can carry smart micro-munitions such as the MAM-L equipped with a thermobaric charge that can reach targets 8 km away.

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