UK Tempest program to generate 20.000 jobs in the country

Many in Europe have doubts about the sustainability of the new-generation Tempest fighter jet program for the UK public finances. However, an analysis by the audit firm Price Waterhouse Cooper at BAe's request shows that the program will condition a major economic and industrial activity with, as a key, 20.000 jobs and £ 25bn in economic returns for the country. By directly integrating the notion of social and budgetary return of public effort within a major program such as Tempest, the British defense industry demonstrates its determination to carry out the project, even if it had to carry it out alone. .

PWC's analysis of the economic effects of the Tempest program will be familiar to those who follow Meta-Defense regularly, so close to the Defense with Positive Valuation doctrine. According to the data published therein, 100 direct jobs within the program generate 270 indirect jobs, i.e. subcontracting, and induced jobs, i.e. jobs related to consumption of the direct and indirect jobs created. . In addition, every £ 2,2 million invested in the program would generate £ 30m in runoff into the UK economy. In fact, over the 2020 years between 2050 and 20.000, the program will have secured a total of 6500 jobs, including 25.3 direct jobs, and redistributed £ XNUMX billion in the British economy, thus reducing the overall cost of the program for the country's public finances.

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BAe is the heir to the great British aeronautical companies which designed legendary combat planes like the Camel, the Spitfire, the Vampire or the Tornado.

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