Team Tempest unveils certain technological advances of the future British fighter

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Like the Royal Navy's HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carriers, the Tempest next-generation fighter aircraft program is on the way to becoming a symbol of the revival of British technological and military power found. And while all current programs are being considered downwards in a global reorganization of the United Kingdom's defense effort to meet the challenges of the future, the Tempest program seems to be sanctuarized, as well in its budget than in its ambitions and planning, and this despite the isolation of Great Britain concerning it, the Italian and Swedish partners being far from having really joined the initiative.

An article from the British site ukdj allows to learn more about the technological ambitions of the program which brings together, around BAe, the Rolls-Royce engine manufacturer, the electronics engineer Leonardo and the MBDA UK missile maker. And there is no shortage of ambitions, even if the approach presented seems different from that of the European FCAS, with major advances covering many areas such as Radar, the man-machine interface or even the turbojet, but not emphasizing collaborative combat, at least in the presentation of the moment.

RS79875 Team Tempest Future Combat Air System concept infographic 2 lpr Analysis Defense | Fighter jets | Army budgets and defense effort
If the Tempest will be naturally “Connected & Co-operative” it seems that this is not its primary function, the aircraft seeming above all intended to be an unparalleled air superiority system.

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