Turkey says it wants to buy SAMP / T Mamba ground-to-air systems from France

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said today his country is considering the acquisition of medium and long range SAMP / T Mamba Sol-Air systems batteries to complete its anti-aircraft defense. However, this system is designed by the Eurosam consortium, which brings together the Italian Aliena and the French Thales and MBDA, and if relations between Ankara and Rome can still save appearances, this is not at all the case with relations with Paris, which has been the most tense for several months, against the backdrop of the Syrian crisis, Libyan and Cypriot, and over which the Turkish and French forces have approached dangerously a zone of conflict.

There is therefore no doubt that France will refuse to authorize the sale of this anti-aircraft system to Ankara, if only to avoid seeing the Greek ally's combat aircraft or its own aircraft engaged by these missiles. , very efficient. The Turkish authorities, and Minister Hulusi Akar in particular, cannot ignore this, especially since France had already, a few months ago, opposed the technology transfer linked to anti-aircraft systems as part of the Turkish medium-range ground-to-air system program, initially supported by Eurosam.

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The Medium Range Land Anti-Aircraft System, or SAMP / T, creates a 360 ° bubble of protection over 120 km and up to 20 km in altitude against aircraft, drones and cruise missiles.

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