The program of the new aircraft carrier of the French Navy soon officially launched

Since its admission to service in May 2001, the French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has traveled a distance greater than 30 tours around the world, and spent nearly 2500 days at sea. With its air group of nearly 30 aircraft including 24 fighters Rafale, It established itself as a major naval unit for France as for Europe, and intervened in all the conflicts in which France participated over this period: Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Syria. It has undoubtedly demonstrated the operational but also diplomatic efficiency that such a ship represents for a country like France.

While the appearance of new missiles such as anti-ballistic and / or hypersonic missiles is presented by some as the death knell of large warships, and aircraft carriers in particular, the majority of the world's major navies, from the United States to China, via Russia, Great Britain or India, are developing programs to modernize or extend their fleet of aircraft carriers, while some newcomers , like Japan and South Korea, are making great efforts to join this small club. However, only two nations today effectively master the technology and operational know-how to set up an aircraft carrier equipped with catapults and stop strands, namely the United States and France.

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South Korea also wants to acquire a 40.000-ton aircraft carrier that will use around 35 short or vertical take-off and landing FXNUMXBs.

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