Thursday, November 30, 2023

What pressure tactics did the United States use in Greece to win the frigate market?

If you follow Meta-Defense carefully, you will not have missed anything of the Greek adventures to try to modernize its surface combatant fleet, and in particular its frigates, in order to be able to cope with the rise in power of the Navy Turkish, and its MILGEM . And you will not have missed, either, the twist that has just taken place in Athens, when the Greek government obtained authorization from parliament to issue a letter of intent to acquire 4 MMSC frigates from the American Lockheed-Martin, effectively abandoning the year of negotiations carried out with Naval Group regarding the acquisition of two FDI frigates.

The Greek site published yesterday information that is, to say the least, astonishing on the financial data of these agreements, suggesting that the United States used very unorthodox means to get the Greek authorities to give in, to the detriment of the France. According to the information obtained, the overall operation for the acquisition of 4 MMSC frigates, 3 of which would be built by Greek shipyards under American control, would be proposed at a price of $4.4 billion, or €4 billion at current exchange rates. However, this price is far from being as competitive as the American declarations suggested, especially in the face of the offers made by Naval Group concerning the FDI Belharra.

SeaFire 500 Thales Defense News | CIWS and SHORAD | Military naval construction
The Thales SeaFire 500 radar which will equip the IDF has comparable performances, and even superior according to the manufacturer, to the future SPY-7 which will equip the Constellation s frigates of the US Navy

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
A former French naval aeronautics pilot, Fabrice is the editor and main author of the site. His areas of expertise are military aeronautics, defense economics, air and submarine warfare, and Akita inu.

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