The US Army clarifies its robotic ambitions on the battlefield

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The development of robotic ground combat systems has become one of the main priorities for the US Army and its Chief of Staff, General James C. McConville, who recently declared that, in future armed engagements, the US Army's first losses will have to be robots, not men. Without denying the central role of the soldier on the battlefield, the US Army has for several years been developing a global doctrine aimed at using robotic land combat systems in an efficient and coherent manner, based on a range of combat robots with complementary capabilities. , and increasingly successful in the vision of American strategists .

The US Army's combat robotic fleet will be divided into 3 large families of land vehicles, the Robotic Combat Light Vehicle, or RCV-Light, with a mass of less than 10 tonnes and whose loss is planned, the RCV-Heavy of 30 tons, heavily armored and armed, playing the role of wingman for battle tanks like the Skyborg program for US Air Force fighter planes . And in order to evaluate its effectiveness but also its limits, the US Army has set up a team specially dedicated to this mission, the Army Futures Command's Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team, which as its name indicates , is a component of the US Army Futures Command , a command specializing in the preparation and technological anticipation of future combat.

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The US Army clarifies its robotic ambitions on the battlefield 4

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