Vladimir Putin imposes peace in Nagorno-Karabakh

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Just hours after a Russian Mi-24 Hind helicopter was mistakenly shot down by Azeri forces over Armenian soil, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the signing of a final and comprehensive peace treaty in the Upper -Karabakh between Armenian and Azeri forces. If the signing of this treaty by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan provoked the anger of many Armenians, this conclusion was nevertheless predictable to say the least, and the terms of the peace agreement imposed by Moscow are far from being as unfavorable to the Armenians than it seems.

Since the Armenian Prime Minister came to power in 2018, following a massive popular movement likened by Moscow to a "color revolution", Russia had always taken care to warn Yerevan and Stepanakert against the rise in economic, demographic and military power of Azerbaijan, pressing the Armenian authorities to find a peaceful negotiated solution to Nagorno-Karabakh. But pushed by nationalist impulses and by the image of the military successes of the early 1990s, the Armenian authorities maintained a very firm attitude towards Baku, which favored the rise of tensions, exacerbated by Turkey in search of of a significant regional military success.

Mi 24 Hind Helicopter Defense Analysis | Armenia | Azerbaijan
It was a Russian Mi24 Hind attack helicopter like this one that was shot down by Azeri forces by mistake, killing 2 and wounding 1.

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