US Navy experiments with drones for logistics at sea

According to US Navy statistics, 90% of logistics flights at sea that have mobilized an H60 Seahawk or V22 Osprey helicopter in recent years have been carried out to carry loads of less than 50 pounds, or 25 kilos. This involved, for example, transporting critical spare parts or medicines. Hence the idea of entrust these low load missions to a drone, much more economical and more adequate to carry out this type of mission, according to the NAWCAD, for Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division of the naval air base of Patuxent River, in the State of Maryland.

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The US Navy is experimenting with drones for logistics at sea 4

Thus, at the end of October, the NAWCAD received a commercial drone of group 3, i.e. with a mass of less than 700 kg, and now designated Blue Water Maritime Logistics UAS, to study the feasibility of freight transport. light towards ships at sea, and from a ship at sea towards the coast. A team of engineers, mechanics and pilots has been assembled to carry out the experiments which should lead, by the middle of 2021 to tests to the ships at sea themselves.

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The US Navy's H60 Seahawks are often called upon to carry out logistical missions that can be entrusted to a drone.

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