Thursday, November 30, 2023

Faced with General Lecointre, French deputies are concerned about the format of the Armies

The hearings of the Chiefs of Staff of the French armies by the committees of the National Assembly and the Senate are often an opportunity to glean certain information on current programs. But during the hearing of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General François Lecointre, by the defense committee of the National Assembly, within the framework of the 2021 Finance Bill, these were above all the concerns of several deputies, coming from different political factions, who marked this session. Indeed, 4 of the 13 deputies present asked the French Chief of Staff questions relating to the format of the armies in the current evolving geostrategic framework.

Thus, the deputy for Ain Charles de La Verpillière, belonging to the Les Républicains group, Jean-Charles Larsonneur, deputy for Finistère from the Agir Ensemble group, Christophe Lejeune, deputy for Haute-Saône from the République en marche group, and Philippe Michel- Kleisbauer, Modem deputy from Var, all questioned the CEMA on various subjects relating to the current format of the armies, the means they had at their disposal to face rapidly evolving threats in the world, and on the relevance of the Programming Law Military, but also the 2017 Strategic Review and the 2013 White Paper, which today frame the format of the French armies.

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The LBDSN 2013 provides that the French Navy will be equipped with 15 1st rank frigates, an insufficient number to respond to current operational pressure.

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Fabrice Wolf
Fabrice Wolf
A former French naval aeronautics pilot, Fabrice is the editor and main author of the site. His areas of expertise are military aeronautics, defense economics, air and submarine warfare, and Akita inu.

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