Ukraine and Turkey advance in their industrial collaboration about Defense

A few days ago, we pointed to theThe difficulties faced by the Turkish defense industry after the interventions of the country's armed forces in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan, actions that led to a certain ban on the country by many industrial and technological players in European, American and even Russian defense. But there is still one country for which Turkey may well prove to be the ideal partner, and vice versa: Ukraine.

Indeed, the Ukrainian defense industry remains very active, even though in recent years Ukrainian exports of defense equipment have clearly collapsed. In particular, it has advanced know-how and skills in several areas that are sorely lacking in Turkish industry. At the same time, Ankara has technologies which, for the time being, are not exported to Kiev by its Western partners, in particular in terms of missiles and especially drones. Actually, the Ukrainian soldiers, who are still confronted with rebels supported, equipped and reinforced by Moscow in the Donbas, and who do not despair of retaking Crimea by force if necessary, have perfectly understood the interest and effectiveness of Turkish drones , and in particular the Bayraktar TB2, facing certain Russian equipment, in particular anti-aircraft defense.

Bayraktar TB2 Runway Defense News | Fighter jets | Conflict in the Donbass
The performance of TB2 in Syria, Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh in the face of Russian-made anti-aircraft defenses could well prove to be decisive in the conflict in Donbass

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