The South Korean K2 Black tank Panther still hasn't resolved its focus issues

In recent months, the South Korea had been very active in promoting its K2 Black battle tank Panther in international competitions, particularly in offering Poland an advanced partnership to replace its T72s from the Soviet era, but also to serve as an anchor for the new armored vehicle to respond to the growing of the anticipated battle tank demand in the coming years, including on the old continent. But the sky is getting dark again for Black Panther since, on November 25, the South Korean arms agency DAPA announced that the tanks of the third batch will also have to be equipped with a German transmission, the national solution not having given satisfaction.

It is a blow to the ambitions of the South Korean tank, which had announced a year ago the resumption of series production after an interruption of nearly two years to allow the engine manufacturer Doosan and the transmission specialist S&T Dynamics to replace the German engine and transmission used on the tank for the first two batches. But according to the DAPA press release of November 25, the suspension in question did not meet the requirements of the specifications, especially in terms of durability. In fact, the 50 tanks that will be built between 2021 and 2023 will receive the local Doosan DV27K 12-cylinder 1500 hp engine, but the transmission will remain the German RENK HSWL 295 TM.

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The South Korean K2 Black tank Panther still hasn't resolved its focus issues 4

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