Russian Rostec would develop a 5th generation single-engine light fighter

The Russian defense industry has recorded many successes in recent years on the national and especially international scene, with an average of $ 13,5 billion exported each year over the past 5 years. This enabled it to modernize a number of its infrastructures, but also to start development work outside of a national order, even if the Russian state remains the majority and sometimes sole shareholder of most of these companies. Several specific programs have thus been launched, notably in the field of drones and robotics. But statements by the president of Russian technology giant Rostec on Monday at a press conference show that the Russian industry has ambitions well beyond this level.

Indeed, Sergei Chemezov indicated that Rostec was currently developing a new 5th generation light fighter model, a single-engine aircraft that can be delivered in piloted or unmanned version. Developed on its own basis, this program will, according to the President of Rostec, be offered to certain foreign partners, in the form of a technological partnership or that of a co-production. No additional technical characteristics, nor any visual support were provided. This statement, although enigmatic, opens many perspectives and possibilities for the Russian Defense industry on the international scene.

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