The French proposal for 6 used A330 MRTT seduces the Indian authorities

Has France discovered the Grail of the sale of weapons systems? Be that as it may, after Greece and Croatia, Paris has once again taken the initiative to offer recent and modernized second-hand devices, with a very attractive price, in an attempt to establish itself in a strategic market towards India. This time, there are 6 A330 tanker aircraft with 5 to 7 years of service, to transform them into a refueler version in multi-mission MRTT Phoenix flight, like those entering service today within the French air force. According to the website, citing statements from officials and soldiers, this French offer seems to be very well received by the country's authorities, especially since it would be carried directly by the French president.

The Indian Air Force's tanker fleet is now very small, with only 7 Russian-made Il-76 Ms. Until recently, the numerical superiority of the IAF allowed it to simultaneously deploy a large number of devices both near the Pakistani and Chinese borders. But with the decrease in the number of combat squadrons and the increase in tensions on the Indo-Chinese border, New Delhi must now be able to simultaneously deploy its devices throughout its territory, regardless of their original base. This is particularly crucial regarding the fleet of Su-30MKI heavy fighters and multi-role fighters Rafale, two aircraft with the capability of in-flight refueling.

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The Su-30MKI can also be refueled in flight, giving this air superiority aircraft a considerably extended range.

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