Pentagon has 6 months to produce UFO report for US Senate

The US Congress has included several obligations in the law to support the US economy in the face of the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, which provides for an envelope of $ 2.300 billion reinjected into the US economy. One of these obligations is likely to cause a stir, since it involves imposing on the Pentagon as well as on the federal intelligence agencies to produce a synthetic and exhaustive report concerning the observations of unidentified aerial phenomena, ranging from data collection and analysis mechanisms with information sharing mechanisms between agencies / armed forces, as well as prospective analyzes on the threats that these unidentified phenomena may represent, especially if they are technologies employed by "adversaries of the United States".

This report will therefore require a significant amount of work for the American armies and government agencies, which currently have few mechanisms of this type, both to centralize observation reports and to analyze them or compare information. between entities. On the contrary, the US armies have traditionally sought to willfully ignore these reports until recently, causing a large number of sightings to be ignored or simply unreported by observers fearing negative consequences for their military careers.

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From 1952 to 1969, the US Air Force financed the research of the “Blue Book” project intended to study these same unidentified aerial phenomena. Of the 12.618 reported observations, 3% could not be explained by J Allen Heck, the program's emblematic scientist.

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