The end of Donald Trump's tenure puts the American defense community under high tension

Never in the recent history of the United States has a transition between the current president and the president-elect generated so many tensions and threats to the sustainability of the American institutions themselves. Not content with having already placed very complex situations to manage for his successor, as in the case of the sale of F35A to the United Arab EmiratesDonald Trump is in fact directly threatening the Pentagon, by carrying out potentially serious consequences in the hope of remaining in office beyond January 20.

This was particularly the case when the President vetoed the 2021 Pentagon budget on Christmas Eve, after it was validated by both houses of Congress with a large bipartisan majority. The House of Representatives and the Senate were forced to meet in extraordinary session to break the presidential veto through a two-thirds majority vote. Despite this bitter failure, Donald Trump seems not to be done with the Pentagon.

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The situation that Donald Trump will leave to his successor Joe Biden will be of immense complexity, as the country is more divided than ever.

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