Will 2021 be the year of Rafale ?

In 2007, the French Minister of Defense in the Fillon government, Hervé Morin, was full of criticism and reservations about the program. Rafale : too efficient, too technological, the Dassault Aviation plane was above all too expensive, while Europe was engaged in rapid deflation of the armed forces and especially of the budget allocated to Defense. It is true that at that time, France maintained excellent relations with Moscow as with Beijing, and the commitments of the French armies seemed to be limited to counter-insurgency interventions as in Afghanistan.

14 years later, this same aircraft could well record an exceptional year in the field of exports, possibly even surpassing the extraordinary series recorded by Jean-Yves Le Drian, when the latter managed to successively convince Egypt, Qatar and the India to acquire the French aircraft between 2015 and 2016. Indeed, the year which begins sees export opportunities for the Rafale accumulate, with very often real and proven chances of success, likely to make the program Rafale the commercial success that no one predicted ten years ago.

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The Rafale are eagerly awaited by the Greek Air Force, with the final contract to be signed before the end of January 2021

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