British Army takes an interest in Franco-German MGCS tank program

European cooperation programs seem to be at the heart of Defense news at the start of the year. Indeed, after Italy and Poland, it is the turn of Great Britain to take an interest to the Franco-German MGCS program, which must design and manufacture a new heavy battle tank by 2035 to replace the Leopard 2 of the Bundeswehr and the Leclerc of the Army. According to website, the British authorities have indeed opened discussions with their German and French counterparts on this subject, in order to find a replacement for its Challenger 2 tanks who will remain in service with the British Army until the next decade, like their Franco-German counterparts. Recall that the British Army is also considering d'acquire Leopard 2 to replace its Challenger 2, if the modernization of these turns out to be too expensive.

The information is at least limited on this subject, since neither Great Britain nor the Franco-German couple have given more information for the time being, without denying the information. But twice already, in the case of Italy and Poland, the initial aspirations to join MGCS ran into the reality of industrial sharing, which is already very complex in this program which brings together the French Nexter and the Germans Krauss Maffei Wegman and Rheinmetall. Because while everyone praises the European dimension of the program and its “inclusive” vocation, no one seems ready to give up part of their own industrial and economic envelope on this altar.

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One of the offers to modernize the British Challenger 2 by the Israeli Elbit emphasizes the capabilities of engaging in urban areas, the streetfighter

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