Biden administration suspends arms exports to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

As we have already mentioned on several occasions, former US President Donald Trump was not stingy with pitfalls for his successor, both in the field of domestic and international politics. And the case of arms export contracts to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is probably one of the most complex to manage for the new tenant of the White House, so many complications in series are numerous, whatever are the options selected. Predictably, Joe Biden therefore decided to start by procrastinating, suspending the execution of contracts for the export of arms to these two countries, officially to assess the ins and outs as it is common to do for a new administration.

The two allies of the United States in the Persian Gulf are indeed the main protagonists, along with Iran, in the war that has ravaged Yemen since 2015, and many reports from the United Nations as from certain NGOs, question armaments Western bill in attacks carried out by Saudi Arabia and the UAE resulting in numerous collateral civilian casualties in the country. The reports are often contradictory according to the sources concerning this war, but a consensus seems to be on the minimum figure of 250.000 dead, of which at least a quarter are civilians, creating a deep movement of rejection in Western public opinion against exports of weapon systems to Riyadh and Abu Dabi.

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The UAE and Saudi Arabia represent excellent clients for the US defense industry, helping to preserve tens of thousands of direct jobs linked to these investments

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