Estonian Milrem Robotics develops a "Loyal Wingman" for armored vehicles

For a little over three years, the concept of Loyal Wingman or Remote Carrier has established itself as an essential component of the design of combat aircraft in the years to come. These discreet and fast drones will have the function of supporting piloted aircraft by carrying sensors and ammunition, and if necessary taking risks in their place. All the major military aeronautical nations have entered this technological race, with the Remote Carrier of the European FCAS and Tempest programs, the American Skyborg and Longshot, the Australian Loyal Wingman or the Russian Grom. Much more than stealth or data fusion, it is probably the arrival of these loyal wingman combat drones which will constitute, in the years to come, the radical evolution justifying a generational change for combat aircraft. .

It was therefore only a matter of time that the military and industrialists plan to transpose this concept beyond just air warfare. This is now done with the new ground drone, or UGV for Unmanned Ground Vehicle, designated Type-X from the European specialist Milrem Robotics. This robotic armored is in fact designed to support and protect allied armored vehicles, such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, as well as dismounted infantry units, like the Loyal Wingmen and other Remote Carriers. -against allied planes.

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