US Special Forces set up Social Warfare Task Force

Special Forces are generally the first units deployed in a theater of operations, and therefore the first to have to deal with the local perception of their intervention. This perception is today regularly manipulated by influence operations carried out by foreign powers or hostile groups via social networks. For Colonel Ed Croot, 1st Special Forces Command Corps Commander from Fort Bragg in Northern California, it is now necessary that these special forces, too, have the means to detect, identify and counter these digital mass manipulation operations, thanks to what he describes as "shells of" artillery of influence ”.

In a previous article, we chose to define this type of military action by the term "Social Warfare". In view of the many positive feedback received on this article and this terminology, we will therefore continue to use it. Social Warfare brings together all digital operations based on the use of social networks and social virality to create a particular social context, whether it is favorable to an allied action, or on the contrary, hostile to an action of the opponent, as well as operations intended to counter these offensive actions.

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US Special Forces are most often the first to enter a theater of operations, and the last to leave.

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