MBDA presents Skywarden, a very innovative vision of the fight against drones

Whether in the field of drones themselves, or in that of systems intended to protect against drones, European industries and armies are not renowned for being at the forefront in these fields. That could quickly change with the Skywarden program, developed by the European missile company MBDA, which brings a vision that is both effective and innovative in this field, likely to respond to many issues and to attract many armed forces in the years to come.

No need to look for a cannon, a missile or a laser, mounted on an armored vehicle, the Skywarden is above all a modular system of systems, intended to integrate and dynamically control a wide range of sensors, soft-kill and hard-kill effectors, to overcome this threat, in all its diversity, from MALE drones to roaming ammunition, including mini-reconnaissance drones and swarms of drones. Thus, the system will be able to rely on radar, electro-optical systems and electronic detection systems to locate and identify threats; use signal or GPS jammers to confuse drones; and using cannons, laser or microwave energy weapons, and missiles, to physically eliminate drones.

mbda skywarden News Defense | Germany | Laser weapons and directed energy
The Skywarden integrates a large number of sensors and effectors acting within the overall system in a modular architecture

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