Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Turkey appears to have solved its drone engine problem

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Between the sanctioning of Ankara by Washington and the European Union at the beginning of the year, and the withdrawal of the export authorization for Rotax engines decided by the Canadian Bombardier, the Turkish aeronautical industry seemed to be in very bad shape. is happening, especially since it must respond to already tight delivery schedules, both for the national armed forces and for export. And even if on the surface the Turkish authorities seem to want to ease tensions with Washington and Brussels, many areas of high tension persist , in Iraq for example.

However, it may well be that Turkish manufacturers have found a solution in the field of aircraft engines. Not by turning to Russia, as had been discussed for a while, probably more out of defiance of Washington than out of opportunity. Nor, moreover, by a national solution coming from who knows where and presented as the product of the excellence of Turkish engineering, as Ankara's state communication has several times tried to make people believe . But with regard to Ukraine, whose aeronautical industry is today looking for outlets to maintain itself. Indeed, recent photos published on Twitter show 3 Akinci drones assembled and obviously equipped with 2 AI-450C turboprops from the Ukrainian Ivchenko Progress, a subsidiary of Motor Sich .

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The 3 Bayraktar Akinci drones are equipped with Ukrainian AI-450C turboprop engines of 750 hp each.

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