Is the Mediterranean Theater again a zone of concentration of forces?

Traditionally, when one thinks of geographic areas under stress where many military forces are present, it is common to refer to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, or more recently in the Western Pacific, especially around the China Sea. On the other hand, the Mediterranean theatre, and in particular in the eastern Mediterranean, which was between the Second World War and the end of the 60s one of the most active areas militarily speaking, has since slipped, in the overall perception, towards the status of a secure area, allowing significant commercial traffic.

But over the past ten years, many nations bordering the Mediterranean, as well as others seeing it as an area of ​​high strategic value, have considerably strengthened their naval air capabilities in the area, to the point of making it an area of ​​high concentration. of potential forces and tensions in the years to come. The discovery of gas fields and the construction of gas pipelines linking Europe to the Middle East and North Africa, have largely contributed to this development, as has the rise to power of authoritarian and / or interventionist governments with the ambition to redraw the geostrategic map of this theater.

Turkish fleet

Turkish military activity is obviously an important factor of the Mediterranean theatre. Under the leadership of President Erdogan, the Turkish Navy has thus carried out numerous operations both in the Aegean Sea and in the Eastern Mediterranean and on the Libyan coast, sometimes creating significant tensions with the Hellenic Navy, but also with the European forces in charge of the application of the arms embargo decreed by the UN about Libya. The Turkish fleet is undergoing a transformation, with the entry into service of the first ships of the MILGE programM, in particular of the 4 corvettes of the Ada class, the first modern nationally made vessels of this type produced by the country's naval industry.

The Turkish fleet is one of the largest in the Mediterranean theater
The Ada class corvettes are the first ships from the national MILGEM program launched by President Erdogan.

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