China will not make any concessions on Taiwan and the China Sea

The Beijing regime's chief diplomat, Wang Li, on Sunday set the tone for China-West relations for years to come. Indeed, on the occasion of his annual speech intended to present the main axes of the diplomatic effort of the country, this very influential cadre of the Chinese Communist Party traced the red lines on which the Beijing authorities will not compromise, among which are Hong-Kong, Taiwan and the commercial circulation in China Sea, three subjects which are also at the center of the concerns of Western capitals in the region. The return of Taiwan under the authority of Beijing is probably the most sensitive subject, and the most likely to degenerate into a more or less direct and intense confrontation between Western forces, led by the United States, and the People's Republic of China.

The subject is more and more regularly presented as non-negotiable by the Chinese authorities, whether in domestic political speeches such as during international events. According to Wang Li, both sides of Taiwan's pass will "soon" belong to a unified country, Western interference will not change anything, and China thus unified will rule for a millennium under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (we will pass on the Godwin point so obvious). In the same way, Beijing intends to put good order in the maritime transit in the China Sea, and in particular concerning what is perceived as a flagrant denial of sovereignty by Beijing when the Western Marines transit their warships in this zone, in application of international regulations, but in total defiance of the edicts of Chinese power which claims the whole of the China Sea as a maritime space historically exclusively Chinese.

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Li said Beijing would not make any concessions about Taiwan or the China Sea.

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